This is one of the first portraits, I ever did, and it is still one of my favorites. It is not so important, which technique is used. It is all about the expression of the person. 


I take personal orders for business portraits and team portraits for your publications in print or social media. 

Family Concert

I am proud to present my first commission for a family concert at Martinu Festtage 2017 in Basel. Thanks to Kathi Wagner for the assignment. Graphic Design by Atelier Nord


Logo design for an international, interdisciplinary research project "Changes in the Governance of Garment Global Production Networks: Lead Firm, Supplier and Institutional Responses to the Rana Plaza Disaster", coordinated by Dr. Prof. Elke Schüßler at Freie Universität Berlin. 


Erich Kästner Portrait

Art project in elementary school with my friend Tanja Petzschmann. The aim of the project was to create a portrait of Erich Kästner with the kids. In the workshops, the kids printed with acrylic paint and stencils.


Anti-Violence Campaign

Thanks for this lovely commission! It was so much fun to do this project with my friend Harald von Trotha. We would love to see this poster in many places! If you are interested for your SCHOOL or KINDERGARDEN, please get in touch with us.


Sugarpunch font by Jakob Fischer at - thx for sharing!!! Smileys by - my kids love the free downloads on this site!