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I always liked watching illustrations in newspapers and magazines when I was a kid. And I was painting a lot. After a loong time of studying and working on some real things, I found myself asking what will I do next? Well, I took some time off to raise a family and have children. I started drawing and made my first steps as a self-taught freelance illustrator! Some good friends encouraged me to keep on with it. Thanks for that, guys! You need help when you are fighting with the empty canvas! ;-)

My dream is to do a BIG WALL PAINTING or to create an artsy TEAM MOSAIK for a company with all the employees. My dream is to do EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS for big newspapers. And I still want to do the KIDS BOOK with my best friend! If you are interested in illustration or portrait, please let me know. Contact via facebook or email appreciated. March 2017, Julia Zschiedrich

Some work examples

Illu female negociators

Illu agile development

Poster draft for kids

Kastanienallee Casting Allee

Happy New Year

Illu about power of images

Portrait Christian

Portrait Katharina

Screen Printing :-)

Mixed Media Collage

berlin illustration

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